Dating in VIP

speed dating in lincoln, with a twist

Find someone in Lincoln with New Flame. Dating between 25-40 has never been easier thanks to our NEW event we've brought to Lincoln.

age Range

Our VIP dating event is for 25-40 years, however, we don’t want to stop people coming because of a year or 2. We want to put a range on our dating events as a guideline so we know the who to expect, and who you can expect to find…

25+ Dating

reserve lounge

The Reserve Lounge is Home nightclubs VIP area. Hence calling this Dating in VIP. The area is low lit with separate seating areas and private bar, perfect for a romantic setting to meet potential matches. It even has nice red velvet barriers at the entrance.


Some of the basic building blocks of any relationship are trust, honesty and openness. So why not a cheeky game of truth or dare Jenga. Yes, that all sounds a little cringy, but trust us it will be worth it. Get to know people in a more casual setting playing some games in some mixed groups.

Jenga Dating

why should you love our Dating events?

Time 2 Mingle

We give you 20-30 minutes to mingle between yourselves halfway through the event to help you get to know people away from the groups. As well as go to the loo and head to the bar. This time is yours, and it's a great time to get to know someone you like a little better. ​

Some Time 2 Yourselves

Towards the end of the evening you get to sit down with 5 of your top choices and get the chance to speak to them individually for 6 minutes. This way you get to speed date people your actually interested in, instead of people you just don't want to know.

Free Drink?

If you book onto our events in the first week of launching the tickets, we'll give you a free drink on entry. Wine, gin or a nice cold pint, there is plenty to choose from.

Safety Come First

At all of our events, we hand out dating safety tips just to help give advice out to anyone who may feel worried or concerned at our events. We also have a great team on standby that will help you discreetly if there is ever any problems.

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