Single on Valentines Day?

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Single on valentines day

Are you spending valentines day single this year? maybe it’s your first, maybe its just the norm now. Either way, its a bit cr*p. It’s the one day of the year that promotes being with someone, whether you love them, like them or maybe it’s your first date, all of those options are for couples. So guess what, sod that. #stuffvalentinesday. Let’s enjoy the 14th of February.

The ‘Normal’ Day

We can hope that Valentine’s day falls on a Monday-Friday when most of us are at work. That way you avoid all the soppy rubbish unless there is an office romance on the next desk to you. Get on with your day and treat it like any other, maybe go to the gym or go shopping after work that way your spending less time at home alone. However in 2021, it’s on a Saturday, so this little idea gets scrapped. Maybe get a weekend job?

Riding Solo

If you’re like me, you have a HUGE jobs list that will never get done anytime soon. Why not just sit down and get through it. Whilst your work rival is watching the latest rom-com with their lover, why not get ahead of the game. Stick on some Spotify and work your way through the list. Got a presentation to get done? Is the admin pile getting bigger? get it done.
If you haven’t got a job where you can work on at home, why not look at your domestic jobs list. There is always a least 1 tap that leaks somewhere, maybe a shelf needs putting up. You could go all the way and redecorate an entire room. We recommend blue with mustard accents.
Keep yourself busy, make sure that when you look back on the ‘most romantic’ day of the year you can think “I may not have nailed my lover, but I nailed my jobs list”

The Non-romantic Couples

Everyone has a best mate, and if you don’t we recommend you get one, they’re pretty good at times. If they aren’t busy why not get together and share your love for each. I’m not saying start snogging them, they may look at you funny afterwards. I’m thinking, find something you both enjoy, that shouldn’t be too hard, then spend the day making happy memories. The perks of Vday is that most places have offers on 2 people activities, whether its meals, go-karting, cinemas, anything you just need to know where to look.
If you can’t find anything outside the house, just Netflix and chill…….. out.

Dating Events

Singles having a drink at our Dating events
Try something different in 2020

This last entry focuses more on what we do, and that is a dating event. Sometimes valentine’s day isn’t a time to sit back and mope around, maybe you do want to really get back out there and meet someone. So why not meet someone on cupid’s birthday (not a clue what the little fellas birthday is, but it’s an educated guess).
Our event is exactly 1 month from Vday and it’s the best chance to meet local people face to face over a few drinks and quirky games. If you want to know a little more click here.

We hope whatever you’re doing on Valentine’s day you have a good laugh and remember, it’s just another day <3

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