What is the recommended age for our events?

We break our main events down into age groups. From 18+, 25-40 years & 40+. This doesn’t mean that once you come 41, you have to stop coming to our 25-40 event and instead move to 40+. They are recommended ages to help you find people who are more matched instead of meeting people who are different from yourself.

I’m gay, can I come?

Our 3 main events: 18+, 25-40 & 40+ events are for heterosexuals, however, we have some new events coming later on in the year especially for people in the LGBTQ+ community. We will also be running ‘mixer’ events that are literally for anyone and everyone. They will be twice a year and bring everyone from every age and sexuality together to celebrate finding love and make new friends. 

I’m not from Lincoln, does that matter?

Yes and no. Yes, you can come, if you want to find someone from Lincoln and it’s not too far to travel. However, when you’re living in Wales and you’re only in Lincoln for a few nights, we wouldn’t recommend coming as we want our guests to meet local people. 

How long are your events?

We open our events at 7 pm and begin at 7:30 pm to make sure anyone running late still gets to take part. It also helps people start talking when they first arrive. We wrap up at around 10 pm, and then our guests can stay and use the nightclub facilities free of charge for the rest of the night.

I can’t come, what do I do?

The sooner you let us know the better. We don’t offer refunds for tickets to our events, however, we know things change all the time and we try and accommodate that as best as possible. If you let us know 7+ days prior to the event we can let you use your booking for another event, just let us know which one. This also allows us to fill your space in enough time so that the event is balanced. If you tell us within 7 days, let us know and we will decide on a case by case basis whether we can fill your space at the time to allow you to transfer your booking to another event. 

If you have any more questions that aren’t answered on this page then please email us at love@new-flame.co.uk and we will respond as quickly as we can. Alternatively, find us on Facebook and Instagram then message us through those channels.