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Our events are designed around breaking the ice between 2 single people so they can get to know each other a little better. We do this with group activities, time to mingle and then finish off with some speed dates. Normal speed dating is boring and we know it can also be nerve-wracking. So that’s why we base our events around having fun with a few games and encouraging you to be, well, you. Because there’s no hiding behind fake profiles here.

How it Works:

We split you into groups, introduce you to other groups over a few different games and drinks. This allows you to get to meet everyone in the room at some point.  

Then we have a bit of a break. During this time you’ll be asked secretly who you would want to speak to “privately” away from your groups. We’ll then organise 5 speed dates to finish your night off with.

Once you have finished your more than welcome to stay around and enjoy the rest of the evening with some new friends.

Event for 25-40 year olds

Dating in VIP

Dating in VIP is our event for heterosexuals between the ages of 25-40 (as a rough guide). Enjoy the VIP section of HOME nightclub with this amazing new dating event.

The Gentleman's Club

The Gentleman’s Club is Lincoln’s only dating event for gay men. Taking place in the Scene nightclub, it’s the perfect time to meet that special guy you’ve been looking for. Book today and get a free drink on entry, this promotion ends at the end of February. 

*Event checkouts may take a few moments to load up*